The town of Phillipsburg is a place that is located right in Warren County in the state of New Jersey, according to surveys Phillipsburg has 15 166 inhabitants, despite being a town, that is not an impediment that this place offers places which you must visit, entertain yourself and have a good time with friends and family.

That is why we tell you, this time, a list of things to do around Phillipsburg New Jersey, you will see that there are places to visit and things to do for all audiences and all ages:

  1. Visit the Black Rose Antique Mall

This place opened its doors to the public in 2017 at the SOUTH MALL. This space occupies an old and very spacious JC Penney, the walls and lighting are maintained providing beautiful exhibition areas, in this place you can find a lot of variety of collectibles and antiques, as well as furniture from the time, it is a pleasant trip, too there are shops with extended stay, several restaurants with great options of meals, it has an easy arrival from Lehigh Valley.

  1. Take an excursion on the Delaware River Railroad

If you go with a group of friends to do this wine train excursion it is a lot of fun, besides that you arrive in an area where you can easily get parking, low hills to board the train, his person is very friendly, besides that when highlights that We will see along the way, the train passes to see the places, until we reach the winery where they will give you information about the property, where you can also taste the wines and give some snacks to nibble, it is a pleasant experience that will not take you long, you just have to admire the beauty of this place.

  1. Visit the Crayola Experience

It will undoubtedly be a day full of educational experience and at the same time fun, it is the perfect place when you come with children, since they will enjoy interesting and entertaining activities in addition to knowing the process of making the crayon and everything you need to know about it. world. You just have to keep in mind that to fully enjoy this place you must allocate a whole day to visit it, you will find food places and much more to make this experience unforgettable.

  1. Spend an afternoon at Scott park:

This beautiful park offers you great views of the Delaware River and Lehigh Park Scott is a must visit this site and spend an afternoon picnic, long walks or simply bring your bike and walk along its trails, you can also see the statue of the boxer Larry Holmes and This park has an amphitheater where they hold music festivals or musicians often perform, you just have to go to their website and check the schedule of events so that you do not miss any of the cultural events that the park offers, there is nothing like having a getaway to enjoy the fresh air and be in contact with nature and its surroundings.