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Aerial & Drone Construction Services

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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Aerial and Drone Construction Services

Construction environments can be dangerous. You don’t want to risk just any drone operator flying around your jobsite, and you don’t have time to hold someone’s hand. You want someone who has completed thousands of hours flying over construction sites, has been in this industry for over 20 years, and knows exactly what you are looking for. Someone who understands the nuances with this industry and can get you the photographs or videos you need fast, and hassle free. We know safety is the #1 priority. Our job is to get you quality footage, without the drama. We are fully insured, fully certified, and comply with all local and federal guidelines.

We work in both the public and private sector, and can assist with any construction needs. We utilize either drone or helicopter, whichever is the most cost advantageous for your requirement. Our services include progress footage, demolition videos, inspections, documentation, and surveys.

We’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We not only have thousands of hours of flight time under our belts, but we also teach (and certify) drone pilots. We also have thermography certifications, and perform inspections with thermal imaging in many industries. Check out our thermography page to learn more.

Aerial and Drone Services provides photography, videography, inspection, and thermography services for any industry. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We are dual FAA certified for both drone AND helicopter. We’ve got the equipment and knowledge to handle just about any aerial request. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Aerial Construction Services: Working with both contractors, local government agencies, or individuals, we can provide aerial videos or photos for construction progress or inspections.

Aerial Inspections / Survey Services: Offering a variety of inspection services, including roofing, solar panels, utility and power lines, bridges and infrastructure, and more. Contact us today for details.

Aerial Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Services: We are ITC certified for thermal imaging, and can use this technology for energy surveys, surveillance, or equipment operating abnormalities. This is especially useful on solar panel operation.

  • Drone Construction Services

  • Drone Construction Inspection

  • Construction Drone Photography

  • Aerial Construction Progress Photos

  • Demolition Videography

Aerial and Drone Services around Airports

Do you have an aerial need around an airport or heliport? Special permissions are required to operate a drone there, and we are one of the few drone companies qualified to secure an FAA Waiver using the LAANC process. Our pilots are licensed, experienced, and qualified. In these situations, we operate along side visual observers monitoring designated air traffic control frequencies.

In addition, we are in direct contact with ATC when required.

Demolition of a building for new construction.

Aerial Services For Construction

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services within the construction industry. We’ve done everything from demolitions to site progress phots, inspections, or overall aerial views. Our owner has worked in the construction industry and is familiar with safety protocols and nuances within this business, so we are well equipped to provide exactly what you are looking for

20 years in the Industry

We were doing this before drones were cool………

Drone view of curvng road .

Aerial Photography and Videography

Real Estate, Commercial inspections, Thermography, Industrial applications, Weddings, demolitions. We are your eyes in the sky, and your footage is safe and secure.

Flying a helicopter on a sunny day

Drone AND Helicopter

We own drones…..and helicopters. Our pilots are FAA licensed for both. We also carry Infrared Thermography licenses. Bottom line – we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

Drone Certification

Drone Training and Certification

We provide drone pilot training for new commercial, police, fire, EMS, Special Ops, or hobbyist. Classes range from basic knowledge through and including FAA Part 107 certification.