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In years past, solar field operating and maintenance diagnostics was done by hand, with a hand held thermography gun. Fast-forward to current state, and the technology exists to speed that process up by over 80%. Our certified ITC Thermal Imaging drone pilots have the equipment and experience needed to review your solar panels or solar fields for proper operation and detect any operating abnormalities.

We can detect issues early on and minimize maintenance costs. To provide precise and thorough inspections faster and more economically, we use drone thermal imaging and aerial inspections. The solar industry is experiencing steady growth, which has led to an increasing number of solar installations. Solar panels are expected to last 20 years so quality assurance is crucial. For efficient power generation, long-lasting life, and high returns on investments, panels must be able to operate without failures. There are many solar panel manufacturers that offer products of different quality, so this is not always the case. Solar panels can develop defects over time that can be fixed quickly if caught in time. However, if not checked promptly, they can lead to a drop in energy production or even a fire.

The negative bias in cells causes them to produce heat energy instead of electrical energy. Using thermal imaging detects these hot spots, to detect where the issue is.

The use of cutting-edge UAV technology allows us to ensure reliability, affordability, accuracy, and limit failures. For Aerial Inspection, our drone pilots are trained to use high-quality drones equipped with thermal sensors. This ensures safety in solar farms. We can retrieve vital information through Drone Surveys or Thermal Mapping of solar power plant. Solar farm inspection can detect cell defects, cell failures, dirt on Photovoltaic cell, interconnection failures, degradation of solar cells, and other issues. Aerial Infrared imaging and Thermal Mapping are not possible by humans. UAV technology is essential for large-scale solar farm inspection, monitoring, and maintenance.

We review solar farms, provide inspections, and assist with optimizing efficiency, reducing operating costs and avoiding costly mistakes. Our Drone pilots are highly skilled and use drones with thermal sensors to conduct inspections of solar farms in a fraction time. The benefits of using thermography to evaluate solar panel fields are well-known. For efficient power generation and long-term investment returns, it is important to conduct regular inspections. Defects, damage, poor connections and defective bypass diodes can be easily identified and documented. For repairs, temporary shadowing from debris and other contaminants can also be detected.

Aerial sUAS thermal inspections can be performed starting with a new installation, and continuing through annual inspections to extend the life of the panels. Condition monitoring will dramatically increase the profit margins of an operating company by eliminating inefficient operations, premature panel failures, and other problems.

Drones are now a crucial tool in solar panel inspections. They can collect data 50x faster than manual methods, and improve safety by avoiding dangerous man-hours. Although solar panel inspections are happening already, the vast majority of them are still done manually using thermal cameras.

A thermal camera is able to identify manufacturing defects, cracks and defective bypass diodes.

For instant ROI, use industry-leading thermal imaging technology or infrared drone camera cameras to identify and replace damaged panels. We can detect and capture module and string failures. Infrared images of operating conditions are rich in detail, which can be used to highlight inefficiencies and help with remediation.

Thermal Imagery can be used for capturing potential hot spots on solar panels. A hot spot is a PV panel cell or group of cells operating at a temperature significantly higher than the rest.

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