Drone Support and Training Services

Consulting and troubleshooting services for Recreational and Commercial Certified Drone Pilots

Aerial and Drone Services


Drone Troubleshooting


We provide drone troubleshooting of your drone’s programming, initial drone setup (depending on the make and model), and can evaluate a problem and create a repair list so you can return your drone to the factory repair center. Additionally, we can also test fly your drone after we perform the programming to ensure it is working as it should be. Your drone must be FAA registered for us to fly it. We will charge an hourly rate for troubleshooting work.

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Aerial and Drone Services

Drone Consultation

In need of support? We will provide you with a 15 minute phone consultations for any drone owner. Calls are $25 for a 15 minute consultation. You will meet with our owner, who is highly certified. He is our chief instructor, and has recently been appointed as a Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAAST) representative. He is FAA certified for both helicopter and drone. He also serves as one of three regional Drone Pros, with the expertise to answer drone related FAA 14 CFR part 107 regulation questions. All drone regulation related questions should go to the Allentown FAA FSDO first, and they will contact us to help you.

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Aerial and Drone Services

Drone Training

Do you want to become a drone pilot, but don’t know where to start? Let our team help you navigate your next steps. We will help you select a drone, teach you how to fly it (the right way), and prepare you for your FAA part 107 certification.

Our training process includes hands on flight training, following the qualification criteria of NFPA 2400. We will prepare you for the 14CFR Part 107 certification or recertification test, by guiding you through the study process. Our owner and operator is highly certified and carries FAA licenses in both drone and helicopter. If you want to learn how to fly drones, we have the right team to teach you! Contact us today for more info.

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Aerial and Drone Services

Our Credentials

Our owner / chief instructor (Thomas Uff) carries several certifications for both drone and helicopter.

Tom has been appointed as a Federal Aviation Administration Safety Team (FAAST) representative, where he serves as a DronePro.

He carries both drone and helicopter FAA Certifications. With the dual certification, combined with his hundreds of flight hours, gives him unique insight into the related regulatory system. He serves as one of just three regional Drone Pros available with the expertise to answer drone related (FAA 14 CFR part 107) regulation questions. The Allentown FAA FDSO office works with Tom to assist with regulation support.

FAA Part 61 and FAA Part 107 Drone Pilot

sUSAS Level 1 Thermographer


Pro Board Certified



MPS (retired)

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