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Aerial and Drone Services provides photography, videography, inspection, and thermography services for any industry. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We are dual FAA certified for both drone AND helicopter. We’ve got the equipment and knowledge to handle just about any aerial request. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

Our owner and chief pilot is sUAS Level 1 Infrared Thermographer Certified.

Aerial and Drone thermography provides aerial thermal imaging for any industry. There are many applications where thermal imaging on drones can be used, including construction, electrical, mining, surveillance, or inspections. We have the equipment, training, and experience to handle your needs. Contact us today for more information. Our Thermal Imaging technologies can check equipment for operating abnormalities, enabling you to save precious time and money by catching an issue before a breakdown. We can use this technology in a variety of areas, including over solar fields to check for operating issues.

We can utilize our thermal imaging technology to inspect solar panel fields, and pinpoint equipment operating abnormalities. We can also provide surveillance using thermal imaging. From power lines, to cell towers, to energy audits – we have the equipment and knowledge to do the job right!

Drone Infrared Roof and Building Inspections

Our infrared technology can scan roofs and provide information on insulation, roof water leaks, trapped moisture, perform proactive inspections, or identify areas that need repairs. Contact us today for a free quote, or click the button below to learn more.

Drone Infrared Solar Panel Inspections

Our team of qualified professionals can use our thermal imaging systems to review solar panel fields for proper operation, identify operating abnormalities, perform inspections, detect poor connections, and review overall conditions. Contact us today for a free quote, or click the button below to learn more.

Drone Infrared Electrical Inspections

Combining the safety of a drone with the technology of thermal analysis, we can review electrical power stations, powerlines, utilities, or other operating equipment for excessive heat spots, defective parts, or weak connections. Drone thermal imaging is a safe and effective way to identify costly issues quickly and safety.

Drone Infrared Road and Bridge Inspections

Our thermal cameras are perfect for assessing the extent of erosion on bridges and roads. At the same time, we can also analyze general stability, and provide documented footage of the inspection process. Using drones to inspect is a safe and effective way to inspect areas where it’s costly or difficult to have a human traverse.

Drone Infrared Oil and Gas Pipeline Inspections

Refinery and pipeline inspection and monitoring can benefit from drone thermal imaging. Our sensors can detect leakage or areas of erosion / abnormality in the pipeline from a safe view. Scan mile and miles of pipe quickly and safely, and have a documented report on the outcome. Drones are a much more affordable and readily available option than renting a helicopter or airplane.

Drone Infrared Water Leak Detection

Using thermal imaging, our drones can detect water leaks in the street or grass by looking and reviewing temperature changes on the ground over the burred pipe. We can pinpoint the location where the leak is originating from, saving hours upon hours of digging and excavation work to find a water leak. Contact us today on how we can best help you with your unique situation.

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Thermal Infrared Aerial Services


Residential properties can be inspected by an aerial thermal infrared inspector. Find heat leakages and water damaged areas and gather valuable data to repair them.

For Solar Panel equipment repair teams, use industry-leading thermal imaging technology or infrared drone camera to identify and replace damaged solar panels.

Thermal imagery can be used to inspect substations and outdoor electrical installations. Find areas of excess heat and prevent components from melting.

For whatever project you have, get decision-enabling infrared data. We will work closely with you to ensure we capture the images that you require to obtain the data you are looking for. Thermal imaging allows you to see the inside of your house. Thermal imagery can help you identify heat leakage issues and spot temperature differences that could indicate problems. Drones can be used to take a 360 view of your home. To get a complete report on your home, assess the condition of exterior walls, windows and roofs in a cost-effective and time-efficient way.

With thermographic imaging, you can quickly assess the condition of your rooftop. Our drones are capable of flying over rooftops and taking high-resolution, detailed infrared photos. Identify potential problems and spot anomalies, such as water damage or heat leakage. Rooftop problems that aren’t addressed can lead to more expensive repairs, such as mold and leakage, as well as rot.

Rooftop inspections using drones are a safer and faster way to collect the valuable data you need. You can reduce liability and get faster turnaround times.

Use detailed data from the infrared drone imagery to maximize your solar panel array’s output and efficiency. Drone thermography can increase the efficiency of solar fields and provide an immediate return on investment.

Infrared scans are used to identify PV system failures and individual modules. These damaged panels can be replaced within the warranty period of the manufacturer and increased output.

Infrared radiation is produced by anything with temperatures above absolute zero. A thermal imaging camera can be used to view objects and detect temperature variations. Thermal imaging from the air can be used to help firefighters fight wildfires and perform surveillance. It can detect energy loss or water leakage in the construction industry.

Aerial thermal imagery or near infrared imagery can be used in agriculture to aid crop production. It can help to evaluate the soil, find weed outbreaks and assess crop consistency. This is done using a mathematical interpretation to calculate the Normalized Difference Vegetative Index. Multi-spectral imaging is used in agriculture to achieve precision agriculture.

We are an independent thermal imaging company and can be trusted by commercial real estate investors, fire department personnel, and local search-and-rescue teams.

Surveys and aerial thermal infrared inspections are now more popular than ever for commercial and residential properties. Infrared thermal inspection has helped many real estate buyers in the USA. Buyers can get help with identifying potential repair issues before purchasing.

Our expertise lies in commercial building thermal inspection and aerial infrared imagery. Our proven aerial inspection methods, combined with top-of-the-line thermography (FLIR), allow us to quickly identify hidden damage to residential and commercial properties.

We are also able to assist residents and commercial property owners by providing aerial energy assessments that will reduce costs and verify the need for repairs.

A thermal imager detects electromagnetic radiation from all objects. These images can then display radiation patterns and temperature.

Infrared can provide valuable data that is not visible with traditional visual imaging. Infrared technology can detect heat loss, defects in solar panels, leaks from pipeline insulation, high voltage irregularities, and vegetation health. Infrared imagery can capture the thermal makeup and assets of buildings and infrastructure that can be used in any UAS inspection. Infrared radiation can detect defects that are not visible by visual inspection. This is crucial for identifying heat loss and faulty wiring as well as moisture buildup and sub-performing solar panels.

Infrared cameras can identify and locate energy inefficiencies, water damage and structural problems. This helps you make informed decisions regarding repairs that will help reduce energy costs. In minutes, our pilots will fly a drone equipped to thermal imaging technology and inspect the roof.

To inspect electrical distribution systems, substations and power lines, we use commercial-grade drone technology. You can quickly identify hot spots, damaged parts, and poor connection issues.

Our pilots are skilled and able to fly in difficult locations to capture thermal data. They can also pinpoint issues such as insulation defects or abnormal temperatures, which can cause structural failures. These conditions can affect emissions and processing thresholds. Our drones have RTK enhanced navigation systems that provide additional flight control and safety to navigate around critical infrastructure. We inspect industrial equipment.