Aerial Surveillance Services

Events, Gatherings, Security, Live Feed Streams with extended monitoring capabilities

Aerial and Drone Services

Monitor Events, Perform Overall Surveillance, in real time, for extended periods

Fully Licensed and Insured

Specific areas can be surveilled to detect and observe activities, identify entities, and track events in real time, or backward forensically

Aerial and Drone Services

We can watch any gathering, parade, event, or area requiring monitoring for any reason.


Years of Flying Experience

Thermal Imaging Certified

Training and Troubleshooting

5 Star Review Rating

Why Aerial and Drone Services?

We are PA and NJ’s top drone company!

Top of the line equipment, including both Drone and Helicopter, Thermal Imaging,

  • Top of the line Drone and Helicopter Equipment

  • Fully Licenced and Insured

  • One of the few drone companies in the area who can secure an FAA Waiver to provide support around airports

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Aerial Surveillance Services

Fully Insured, Dual Certified for Drone and Helicopter

Airborne Persistent Surveillance Camera Systems, tethered Digital zoom and IR camera drones, attached to an extended power supply, are able to stay airborne for extended periods of time.

We will provide the self contained UAS and accessory equipment system, a licensed and insured pilot operator, and a remote video receiver for use by security, command, or any authorized client.

When authorized, we will operate a drone, and visually monitor, video, or photograph what we observe. This data is always immediately available to our clients through the live video feed equipment provided as part of our system.

All flights are safe, secure, discreet, and FAA compliant. All pilots are experienced, licensed and insured. All data is secure and only available to the pilot and remote system observer.

We charge by the hour, day, or job. Call us for an evaluation, proposal or demonstration.

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Let us know what you are looking for, and we’ll provide a package specific to your need. All our quotes are no obligation and absolutely free.

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