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Aerial & Drone Inspection Services

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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Infrastructure | Bridges | Utilities | Solar Panels | Power Lines | Roofing | Construction | Cell Towers | Silos | Pipelines

Aerial and Drone Inspection Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides inspection services in a wide variety of applications. We provides inspections for infrastructure, utilities, solar fields, roofing, construction, bridges, cell towers, and many more.

Aerial and Drone Inspection Services provides drones for inspections. We have done roof inspections with our drone fleet, construction inspections, utility inspections, power line inspections, bridge and infrastructure inspections, cell tower inspections. We are fully certified and our owner has a background in construction, so he is well versed in many areas.

With less than 20% of inspections requiring actual maintenance, why not let our drone team pinpoint the jobs that actual work needs to be done. Not only are drones safer and faster than trying to get a person into high altitude situations, but they are safer. Let our drones go in places that are too dangerous. We have a variety of equipment, including thermal imaging, which provides additional inspection capabilities. Contact us today for more information!

Our team of professionals are fully insured, follow all local and federal laws, and are certified and equipped to operate safely on jobsites or construction environments.

We are also certified to provide aerial thermal imaging, which when combined with our inspection services, provides additional options and services.

  • Aerial Home Inspection Services

  • Drone Construction Inspections

  • Drone Thermal Inspections

  • Aerial Rooftop Inspection

  • Aerial Inspection Services

  • Infrastructure Inspection Services

aerial view of solar power farms

Aerial Inspection Services 

Aerial and Drone Inspection Services has a full array of inspections that we have done and can provide to you or your company. We work with contractors, individuals, agencies, or local municipalities to provide you documented and professional inspection services. In addition, we have thermal imaging technology, which provides an additional inspection possibility for you. We work in the infrastructure inspection space, utility or cell towers, roof, solar fields, construction, and many more. Contact us today or click below for more detailed info.

We invest in only the best technology………..

Your footage is secured and confidential.

Drone view of curvng road .

Aerial Photography and Videography

Aerial and Drone services does more than just inspections. We cover any industry. 20 years of flying and teaching makes us the very best in the industry.

Flying a helicopter on a sunny day

Drone AND Helicopter

Our fleet of drones and helicopter enable us to provide the very best service for your specific need. FAA licensed for both, and fully insured.

Drone Certification

Drone Training and Certification

Drone training is provided as well as the services we offer. From novice to seasoned vet, we provide hands on flight time to get your prepared for FAA Part 107 testing.