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Aerial & Drone Services

Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey

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Aerial and Drone Services of Phillipsburg, New Jersey

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Aerial and Drone Services has experience in a variety of applications and industries. We provide aerial and drone photography, videography, inspection, and thermography. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we have the equipment, experience, and skillset to get the job done right. 20 years of flying and teaching drones makes us very qualified to handle your request. We are also FAA licensed for drone AND helicopter, and can use either depending on your application requirements. Fully insured and highly professional, contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

In addition to services, we also provide drone training and certification, up to and including FAA Part 107 certification.

Here are some of the industries and applications our services are used in. We have done just about any aerial request you can think of – from demolitions to using thermal imaging to find a lost dog. Our prices are competitive and our staff is certified and fully insured. We abide by local and federal regulations and restrictions. Your imaging is secured and confidential.

Phillipsburg Aerial Photography and Videography Services: Our equipment can be used in just about any application. From an aerial view of your farm or beach, to a video of the ski resort you are trying to market — we do it all. Our top of the line filming and stabilization equipment and software makes sure you get the very best, clearest images possible. Contact us today for a free, no obligation quote.

Phillipsburg Aerial Real Estate Services: From relators to individuals, we have the knowledge and experience in real estate photo shoots to really make your property stand out. Aerial views have been shown to help properties sell faster, and for more money. Aerial and Drone Services provides same-day Real Estate services in most cases, so if you are short on time, we will do our best to schedule you immediately. Our team of certified drone professionals are here to help you.

Phillipsburg Aerial Construction Services: Our owner has spent countless hours on construction sites, so we are well aware of the safety precautions of active jobsites. We can provide construction progress photos, site inspections, demolition services, or whatever else you may need while on site. No job is too big, or too small, for us to quote. Quotes are free, so let us provide you what we can do to help get you what you need.

Phillipsburg Aerial Inspections / Survey Services: Aerial and Drone Services provides inspections and survey services. Both for individuals, government agencies, or contractors, we provide roofing inspections, solar panel inspections, utility / cell tower / infrastructure / bridges, or whatever else you are in need of. Our drones are fast and precise; let us provide inspection services so you can use your manpower for the jobs that actually need work.

Phillipsburg Aerial Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Services: We are ITC certified to use thermal imaging on our drones, which is especially valuable for surveillance and solar panel operational abnormality reviews. We can also use for energy audits.

Phillipsburg Aerial Surveillance Services: Coupled with thermal imaging, this can be especially useful when searching for something. Contact us if you need surveillance assistance.

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Aerial and Drone Services around Airports

Do you have an aerial need around an airport or heliport? Special permissions are required to operate a drone there, and we are one of the few drone companies qualified to secure an FAA Waiver using the LAANC process. Our pilots are licensed, experienced, and qualified. In these situations, we operate along side visual observers monitoring designated air traffic control frequencies.

In addition, we are in direct contact with ATC when required.

Aerial view of a large pig farm on an agricultural field in spring
Aerial view of circle crossroad
Aerial view of truck with hay bales. Agricultural machinery

20+ Years of Experience

Our Pilots are all Experienced, Licensed and Insured, and are current or retired Police Officers, EMS, or other Critical Specialty Personnel.

Phillipsburg Aerial Services For Construction

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services within the construction industry. We’ve done everything from demolitions to site progress phots, inspections, or overall aerial views. Our owner has worked in the construction industry and is familiar with safety protocols and nuances within this business, so we are well equipped to provide exactly what you are looking for

Phillipsburg Aerial Inspection Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides inspection services in a wide variety of applications. We work in the infrastructure space, utilities, solar fields, roofing, construction, and many more. Our inspection services, can pinpoint equipment operating abnormalities. Contact us today or click below for more detailed info.

Phillipsburg Aerial Real Estate Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services within the real estate industry. We work for both realtors and individuals, to showcase your property. Or, if you are not listing your property but just want an aerial view for personal reasons, we can do that too. Our equipment and best-in-class technology will make your property shine.

MSL reports properties sell 78% faster when an aerial shot is provided.

Phillipsburg Aerial Photography & Videography Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services for aerial photography and videography. We have been doing this for over 20 years, and have a very large portfolio of offerings. Our equipment and technology is first-class, and not only do we fly drones, we teach (and certify) as well. When you deal with us, know you are getting true professionals who have been doing this for a long time. We look forward to working with you!

Phillipsburg Aerial Thermography Services

Aerial and Drone Services is certified to utilize thermal imaging, and we have very powerful and ew technology equipped on our drone fleet. Thermal imaging can be used in a variety of applications, from energy audits, to surveillance, to monitoring and pinpointing equipment operating abnormalities.

Drone Certification

Phillipsburg Drone Training & Certification Services

Our owner has been in this industry for over 20 years. In that time, he has not only flown drones, he has taught at accredited colleges the technology and operation of drones. We currently offer drone training for both the novice or seasoned vet, and we provide FAA Part 107 certification. Contact us for more details. Our certification includes hands-on fly time with top of the line equipment and technology.

Phillipsburg Aerial Surveillance Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides surveillance services. If you need eyes in the sky to find something, or routine surveillance, we can help. We have thermal imaging technology on our drones, and are certified specifically for thermography, so we are very effective in this area. Contact us today for more details.

Drone view of curvng road .

Aerial Photography and Videography

We do it all. Real Estate, Commercial inspections, Thermography, Industrial applications, Weddings, demolitions. We are your eyes in the sky, and your footage is safe and secure.

Flying a helicopter on a sunny day

Drone AND Helicopter

We own drones…..and helicopters. Our pilots are FAA licensed for both. We also carry Infrared Thermography licenses. Bottom line – we have the experience and equipment to get the job done right.

Drone Certification

Drone Training and Certification

We provide drone pilot training for new commercial, police, fire, EMS, Special Ops, or hobbyist. Classes range from basic knowledge through and including FAA Part 107 certification.