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Aerial and Drone Services provides drone photography, drone videography, drone inspection services, and drone thermal imaging for any industry, individual, or business. Serving Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, we’ve been doing this for over 20 years. We are dual FAA certified for both drone AND helicopter. We’ve got the equipment and knowledge to handle just about any aerial request. Contact us today for a no obligation quote.

We can also provide hands on drone training necessary to qualify for the FAA Part 107 Certification.

Our drones can be used in many industries, and we follow all local and federal regulations. Your footage is secured and confidential.

Upper Darby Aerial Photography and Videography Services: We are your eyes in the sky. From photo shoots to surveillance, we do it all. We have the equipment and 20 years of experience in this industry. We follow all local and federal laws and guidelines, are fully insured and certified. We also teach and certify drone instructors, so you can trust we know what we are doing.

Upper Darby Aerial Real Estate Services: We serve both agents or individuals. Capturing the very best of your property, MLS statistics show homes with aerial images sell 68% faster than homes with ground photos. We also provide aerial services if you just want to capture your property for personal use.

Upper Darby Aerial Construction Services: Working with both contractors, local government agencies, or individuals, we can provide aerial videos or photos for construction progress or inspections.

Upper Darby Aerial Inspections / Survey Services: Offering a variety of inspection services, including roofing, solar panels, utility and power lines, bridges and infrastructure, and more. Contact us today for details.

Upper Darby Aerial Thermal Imaging (Thermography) Services: We are ITC certified for thermal imaging, and can use this technology for energy surveys, surveillance, or equipment operating abnormalities. This is especially useful on solar panel operation.

Upper Darby Aerial Surveillance Services: Eyes in the sky, coupled with thermal imaging, can be very useful in a surveillance situation. Contact us if you need surveillance assistance.

Drone Construction Services

Offering drone construction services to contractors, engineering firms, or individuals.
  • Drone Construction Progress Photos

  • Drone Construction Inspections

  • Construction Drone Photography

Drone Photography Services

Providing professional and affordable Aerial and Drone Services for any industry or need.
  • Aerial Photos and Imaging

  • Commercial Drone Services

  • Professional Drone Photography

Drone Real Estate

Working with agents or individuals to provide fast and professional drone real estate shots.
  • Aerial Property Photos

  • Drone Real Estate Services

  • Aerial Home Photography

  • Commercial Drone Real Estate Service

Drone Videography

Providing drone videography services for any need, both commercial or personal.
  • Drone Videography

  • Aerial Videography

  • Aerial Filming Drone Services

  • Professional Aerial Videographer

Drone Thermal Imaging

Adding thermal imaging to our drones allows us to provide additional services, including:
  • Infrared Aerial Photography

  • Drone Thermal Inspections

  • Drone Thermal Equipment Evaluations

  • Aerial Thermal Imaging Services

Drone Inspection

Drones can safely and quickly access areas to provide documented inspection footage.
  • Drone Roof Inspection Services

  • Aerial Home Inspection Services

  • Aerial Utility and Bridge Inspections

  • Aerial Inspection Services

Aerial and Drone Services around Upper Darby Airports

Do you have an aerial need around an airport or heliport? Special permissions are required to operate a drone there, and we are one of the few drone companies qualified to secure an FAA Waiver using the LAANC process. Our pilots are licensed, experienced, and qualified. In these situations, we operate along side visual observers monitoring designated air traffic control frequencies.

In addition, we are in direct contact with ATC when required.

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20+ Years of Experience

Our Pilots are all Experienced, Licensed and Insured, and are current or retired Police Officers, EMS, or other Critical Specialty Personnel.

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Looking for an Aerial Service or have a question for us?

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Our team is the best – and we’ve trained the best!!

Our owner assisted in the early design and building of BETA UAV drones. He has served as an aviation professor specializing in drone flight, and FAA Part 107 test preparation at several colleges.

He’s instructed Special Operations Teams and inspection team drone pilot candidates.

He’s got the knowledge and skillset for just about any job.

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You want someone who will look out for your best interests when you’re looking for a drone service or solution. Aerial and Drone Services will provide you an honest quote, and if we can’t help you, we’ll tell you that too. We want you to be happy with our services, and return for other needs later. We are fully insured and FAA Certified pilots, who operate commercial drone equipment.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Unmanned Aerial System (UAS), Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) are all common names for drones. Although drone technology off-the-shelf was readily available, it came with a proprietary operating software, pre-selected hardware options, built-in flight control and payload, sensor, as well as basic information systems. Their advantages were their availability and relative affordability as well as the large number of drone pilots who were experienced with their operation.

We can capture stunning aerial imagery of your property to show it off, or we can collect, inspect and analyze vital data for you enterprise. We know how aerial imagery can boost your business. We will help you choose the best drone service option for your company. Whatever your requirements, we tailor our services to meet them. Tell us what you need and we’ll help you.

Professional drone pilots and photographers are highly skilled in aerial photography, video, data capture, and maps. Our pilots have the right skills to get the job done right. We are able to provide simple solutions for achieving quality results and have the flexibility to adapt our services to any project.

Get in touch with us today to turn your product, project, or property into a captivating visual story in just three steps.

Present compelling aerial imagery to potential tenants, investors, and clients. Highlight properties, nearby highways, and popular proximate retail locations.

To make informed and actionable decisions, you need detailed aerial photos. On-demand drone services that are reliable, simple, and insightful.

You can send a drone to hazardous places such as pitched roofs and industrial stacks. You can get aerial vantage points for your assets and projects. Expertly packaged and made available in an immediately usable format, visual or thermal imaging, video, or still images from hard-to-reach locations. Incorporate drone media, maps, and data into existing systems, or into interactive, custom-built applications created by our in-house team, including integration with social media platforms.

aerial view of thermal power plant

20 Years of Flying, Teaching & Investing in the Business

We have the experience & equipment to do get you clear, professional footage, the first time. Hassle free.


Aerial and Drone Services of Upper Darby

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Aerial Services For Construction

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services within the construction industry. We’ve done everything from demolitions to site progress phots, inspections, or overall aerial views. Our owner has worked in the construction industry and is familiar with safety protocols and nuances within this business, so we are well equipped to provide exactly what you are looking for

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Aerial Inspection Services

Aerial and Drone Services offer high-end industrial inspections, including bridges, power lines, utilities, mining applications, roofing and construction sites. Advanced thermal imaging technology enables the company to identify and capture areas of weakness and inefficiency in everything from home heating and architecture to oil refinery piping to solar panel operating abnormalities.

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Aerial Real Estate Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services within the real estate industry. Our fleet of drones and helicopter provide professional imaging for both commercial and private needs. Drone usage in construction has increased 239% year over year, and real estate listings with aerial images sell 68% faster than standard images, according to MLS reports. Let our top of the line equipment capture the very best your property has to offer.

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Aerial Photography & Videography Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides a full portfolio of services for aerial photography and videography. We have been doing this for over 20 years, and have a very large portfolio of offerings. Our equipment and technology is first-class, and not only do we fly drones, we teach (and certify) as well. When you deal with us, know you are getting true professionals who have been doing this for a long time. We look forward to working with you!

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Aerial Thermography Services

Aerial and Drone Services is certified to utilize thermal imaging, and we have very powerful and ew technology equipped on our drone fleet. Thermal imaging can be used in a variety of applications, from energy audits, to surveillance, to monitoring and pinpointing equipment operating abnormalities.

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Drone Certification

Hands on Drone Training

Our owner has been in this industry for over 20 years. In that time, he has not only flown drones, he has taught at accredited colleges the technology and operation of drones. We currently offer drone training for both the novice or seasoned vet, and we provide FAA Part 107 certification. Contact us for more details. Our certification includes hands-on fly time with top of the line equipment and technology.

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Aerial Surveillance Services

Aerial and Drone Services provides surveillance services. If you need eyes in the sky to find something, or routine surveillance, we can help. We have thermal imaging technology on our drones, and are certified specifically for thermography, so we are very effective in this area. Contact us today for more details.

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Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania - Wikipedia

In this new generation, technology has been our great companion in some industries. One technology that became beneficial, in the long run, is drones. It is a device that is also called an aerial crewless vehicle which is very innovative and practical to use in various aspects of human life. The sales of it have become increasing every year since numerous people embrace the usefulness of the technological device. Multiple businesses are looking forward to using the capacities of drones to the best effects, especially in drone photography, real estate drone photography, drone construction, and inspection. The following are the benefits of utilizing drones in some business industries.

Aerial Safety Inspections

There are numerous companies that regular inspection is necessary for the welfare of their businesses, mainly in a construction inspection. They need to ensure the safety of their infrastructure, including surveying bridges and buildings, gas and oil pipelines, wind turbines, and pipelines under construction. Drones are a substitute for a human to inspect the infrastructure, so drones will take over the work instead of human resources to work. By that, the risks of safety issues and time commitment are less than human resources. Therefore, regular aerial monitoring will be a way to achieve significant improvements in the construction industry, especially the maintenance of their infrastructure, resulting in progressive performances and best developments. Besides, drones are effective in capturing the complex ideas of construction for the efficiency of work purposes.

Aerial Photography & Videography

It is the first known application of drones. As technology continually improves, it can carry up a heavy camera to capture land or specific regions with a panoramic experience and clear images. Also, drones, while capturing, can be connected to Wi-Fi for live streaming. By that, it enables audiences to see the first person’s point of view of the drone’s movements in an instant. Moreover, the camera in the drones can be controlled by what the camera can see and capture through your mobile phones, and in an instant, you can get HD videos right away. Video bloggers, journalists, or filmmakers widely use aerial drone photography, especially in action movies. They use drones to take high-quality images from fresh perspectives. Since drones can reach up to multiple places that human feet cannot reach, it is an excellent opportunity for creative photography and videography.

Aerial Real Estate Services

Drones are beneficial in capturing a specific location or geographic mapping with enormous effects. It is easier to collect data on a particular property or lot from a site to pursue different mapping and practical selling purposes. Real estate realtors or brokers widely use drones in presenting the detailed perspective of a property to a consumer. By that, even in the complexity part of the area can be captured with accurate measurements. Therefore, the work of the real estate realtors will be lessened, but still can provide authentic, detailed information of a property that will help them convince the consumers to purchase.

Drones are one of the technologies that have a vast number of users and applications in various industries. They are not limited to aerial photography, but it applies especially to military uses, and investing in this kind of technological device will result in more responsive customer service.

We Invest in Only the Best Technology

Our fleet of DJI Specialty and Autel Pro drones, plus our Schweitzer 300 CBI helicopter, enables us to tackle any aerial job. Big or small.