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Aerial and Drone Services provides all types of drone or helicopter aerial services, including photography, videography, inspections, and thermal imaging. We have been doing this since 2002, and our owner is dual FAA licensed for both drone and helicopter. We own and operate a Schweitzer 300 CBI helicopter, as well as a fleet of DJI specialty drones. Our imaging is top of the line, and our videos are done with the most stable graphics available.

In addition to providing aerial services, we also provide real world drone pilot training for commercial, police, fire, special ops, or hobbyists. Our classes are tailored to your individual requirements and range from basic knowledge to FAA Part 107 certification. We provide hands-on flight training and observation as part of the course.

Allentown Aerial Real Estate Services: MLS reports home sell 68% faster with aerial footage, versus standard ground-level photos. Let us help showcase your property to get maximum profit on your sale.
Allentown Aerial Industrial Inspection Services: It’s estimated less than 20% of inspections result in maintenance. The rest are preventative. Why not focus your skilled labor on the maintenance side of things, and let us help you perform faster, safer inspections with our drone fleet? You can also keep documented footage the inspection occurred, as well as remove the safety risk of sending a person into a dangerous environment.
Allentown Aerial Construction Services: From progress footage, to demolitions, to everything in between – we have 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of fly time in. We know your jobsite is busy – our goal is to make your construction aerial needs hassle free and get you exactly what you need.
Allentown Aerial Thermal Imaging: ITC Certified for aerial thermography, we can provide a variety of services using aerial thermal imagery. From home energy audits, to equipment abnormality identification – we have you covered. We also perform solar field audits using thermography to check for any variations in output, which is usually a result of an issue.

If you need aerial services or training, contact us today for free quote.

We are Pennsylvania and New Jersey’s aerial and drone imaging professionals! We offer aerial and drone photos for a variety of industries. We own and operate both drone and helicopters, depending on the application.

Photos or video’s – we do both. We can serve any market with their options – our equipment is very versatile. Your footage and prints are kept confidential and released only to you.

Drones are very useful when performing construction and industrial inspections. Bridge inspections, power line or utility inspection services, roof inspections, solar panel inspections – we can help with any of those. .

We provide both individuals or agents aerial imagery to showcase your property. We’ve got a variety of packages to offer, and can help make your property stand out with our experiance and equipment. Contact us today for more details or a free estimate.

Aerial and Photography Services provides both photo and video of overhead landscape scenes. We can help with surveys, overall terrain, beach or mountain overhead shots, or simply if you have a large farm and want an overhead view. We can help!

What better way to capture your special day than having a view from above? We will work with your wedding photographer to help create a unique overview of your special day!

We’ve seen and done it all…. government, special forces, residential, demolitions, weddings, real estate, construction…….